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I want to be in LUST for someone.
Posted:Feb 3, 2022 6:29 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2022 1:38 pm

So I know my id is Plumpmistress. I get a lot of subbies and some switches who are into BDSM and that is well and good but I am not in that headspace.

I want to crush on someone. I want to feel those butterflies, the intense like. I want to wonder what your lips on mine would feel like. What it would be like to have your hands all over my body, touching and tasting my skin, me doing the same to yours. I want to know that my lust is answered with a heat of your own.

I want to feel that intense feeling of the sex with someone I LIKE who likes me just as much. I want to see the eyes of my lover between my thighs, I want to look up at him from my knees, I want to crave the feel of his strong arms around me. Feel the greed of his touch on my lush body.

I want to hear his deep voice tell me things that are actually sexy, not just what his dick wants. I want to cultivate new and interesting experiences. Something outside of both of our experiences. Shit, am I being romantic? I didn't mean to.

But I think I am missing that in sex.

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I am really seeking someone I like
Posted:Feb 3, 2022 6:20 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2022 1:38 pm

I don't know who needs to hear this but here it is. Dudes, be someone you like so that they can get to like you. Now, I know why we are here and I am all about it. However, I want to screw a whole person, not just a penis life-support system. I am actually interested in getting to know you as a human being and if that is too much for you to handle for any reason.. fine but just leave me alone. It would just be easier for you to x yourself out than making me do it.

I want to meet a person who is secure in himself enough not to try to coerce me into sex acts before even talking to me on the phone. If you are a guy who can't get on the phone why should I be comfortable with the idea of you having sex with me?

Being creepy is not going to get you laid, not here. Ick.

And you know when you are being a creep. Why would you want me to be uncomfortable?

So sure, it has been a very long time since I have been out here but I am not interested in cultivating bullshit with any of you. I want something awesome to happen, great sex with an awesome person. We both deserve that.

Just saying,

I don't want to see your dick before I see your smile.
Posted:Aug 22, 2018 10:42 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2022 6:33 am

I didn't want to at 20 and at 40 I really don't. I don't know what you think women really think, but generally when we fuck you we see your face, not your dick. Which is why there are still so many men with tiny puds because it matters much less than you think it does. But I digress, I just think a man is more than his member.

When I want a man I want him, not just parts. I can compartmentalize him, sure. But the whole of him goes in a box, not just his ass, his dick, his shoulders.

And when a dude leads with a dick picture it just sends the message that this is the only thing of worth that you have. That there is little or no personality and that your idea of fun is rather self serving. It is a very quick way to get weeded out or to have the wrong kinda woman approach you.

I know this is a site for sex, I get that. But there are layers to sex and all sex is not created equal. I want a man who can excite my mind as much as my body. Otherwise... why bother?
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It has been years...
Posted:Apr 2, 2015 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2022 7:41 am

It has been years since I have posted anything. I need the practice as I am writing for my supper these days. And I kinda want to get out of IT, real bad. I am just kinda burned out.

That that is neither here nor there. What I am really writing about is how lucky I am. I have fiance, bf and lover all covered. And I don't think I am good and won't be hanging out here much anymore. Well, I will always see what there is to see. I am not dead or blind. But I am not seeking. It is a good feeling and I am enjoying it.

I do think I might just start posting bad erotica just to try out ideas... I figure if you are reading this either you want to know more about me or at least how I think. I hope to be entertaining.

I try really hard not to waste people's time.
Posted:Jan 19, 2010 12:36 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2018 10:43 pm
And what that means to me is that I take the time to read a profile. Figure out what the person is really wanting and then decide if I fit into that. So I read the whole thing. Look at the pictures that I can and really consider if I want this person in my life or in my body even for the short term.

I don't know why others can't be so discerning. I really get irritated when someone who is clearly not what I am looking for seems to be fishing to see if I am in a mood to be... I don't know... generous? Desperate or just bored? I don't know.

But generally I ignore the message and delete it. What are y'all doing?
Hurricane Sessions vs. Consistent Sessions
Posted:Dec 17, 2009 3:27 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2018 10:46 pm
I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine, male, who was outlining what he liked sexually. That he was more interested in two day hurricane sessions, light domination and spewing cum all over his lovers face. I, on the other hand am quite the opposite. I like a steady and predictable diet of sex. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, consistent and done very skillfully. I figure anyone can be good twice or 3 times, but good is the lover who can continue to bring it.

Now on domination. I don’t like being dominated. I hate it actually. It’s a trust issue and I just don’t want to stoke anyone’s ego that hard. I just don’t. LOL. I will and can dominate but I don’t go into with an air of entitlement or because I get off on humiliating a man. Actually, I personally don’t like using humiliation as a domination tactic. I am more into accepting someone as they are sexually and letting them express themselves completely instead feeling like they have to hide from me. I know most dominants don’t operate with this in mind.

Now, the cum thing? Oh I just think ejaculate is gross. Even in the best of circumstances the stuff still tastes like bleach or unflavored milk of magnesia. Always makes me turn my stomach to have it in my mouth, ick, on my face… well anywhere. I don’t find it sexy. LOL I just don’t.

Sex, the male form *when well formed and muscled as I define it*, someone with a lot of passion and time to really figure me out sexually and let me figure him out., now that is what I call a situation. I would rather have a lover who was interested in getting good at sex with me than someone who could fuck me a couple of times and thinks that he has mastered me.

LOL, I guess we all have our issues, fantasies, no no’s and hell yes’s. But for me I like to think I am a woman of simple tastes, sexually, that is looking for a lover who also has similar simple tastes. Someone who can immerse himself in the action and joy of the moment but also be interested in doing more of that on a regular schedule.

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My first post
Posted:Nov 22, 2009 9:23 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2018 10:48 pm
Well I have been here a few months now and I have to say that the going gets hard, as in difficult. But I have met a few good people here, hope to meet some more.

Which got me to thinking about true love, I figure on a sex site, maybe 4-6 people a day, depending on the arrangement find 'true love' here, whatever the hell that is. Why do I bring this up? Well it was a round about way to talk about alternative ways to fall for someone.

I am one of those people that has to know if someone is a good lay before I can consider anything moderately short term with them. I believe that if you can't kiss, then you can't fuck. And there are a lot of people out there that can't kiss. I mean really can't kiss. And I am not just talking about guys. Some of us girls have no skills. Kissing like they are screwing, limp, lifeless, dead. No one wants that in their bed. No one.

Yes, practice makes perfect, but you have to want to get better. Want to dive in and smother yourself in the arms of another for hours at a time. I know practice and study is difficult work, sometimes it is hard work but it is worth the effort.

I would rather practice with someone that it would take time to get good with, who comes with a good foundation of skills, is pretty to look at and smells awesome.

LOL, shameless plug for a tall, white, broad shouldered, man with great hair and a better smile who loves cute round cuddly little black women? Sure.


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