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Chronicles of an Asian Hot-wife re: the beginning
Posted:Jun 22, 2020 10:45 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2020 12:09 pm

The Beginning: His Perspective

Our stories are based facts, but the details may, or may not, be altered provide discretion and anonymity those involved. This means that names, dates, places, companies, jobs, etc., could be changed in some form or fashion keep privacy for . These stories are about our journey, his journey and her journey, so depending the author, you will get a sense of this journey through the eyes of either the single-slut, the single-cuck, the Hot-wife or the cuck-hubby. We enjoy hearing feedback from you and will prioritize writing about any of our experiences, just make a request and let us know through whose perspective you would like.

This story details his perspective of how we met, how things progressed and how we got to where we are now. This initial story will be told from his perspective, but will also be told from her perspective in the near future. These initial stories will contain numerous mini-stories, prior experiences, that we can elaborate on if requested. Please respond with requests as to which story you would like to hear about and from which perspective you would like to hear it.

I first met my wife Ngoc Anh (pronounced "Nuk-On") in 2002 when she was twenty-two and I was forty-five. I was a medical professional, financially secure, but a closet submissive nymphomaniac. She was a very successful medical salesperson who enjoyed using her femininity to enhance her life. She is tiny, barely four feet twelve inches tall, with long, jet black hair and white pearl skin. He had dark black eyes and an exotic look with neatly manicured eyebrows. She stood out for sure! Anh wears a petite extra small with 34 inch bust, a 24 inch waist and a 33 inch hip. Her tiny waist, round ass, and large breasts turned heads!! She would sashy in wearing tight slacks and a silk blouse, clearly not wearing a bra as her nipples protruded out and her breasts bounced as she walked. Her ass cheeks like two round peaches, each small enough to fit into your hand with a wonderful space between them. Or she would wear these tiny skirt suits, cut mid thigh showing smooth, creamy thin, white legs. Her blouse or sweater emphasizing her thin waist and perky breasts. She had tiny, petite hands and feet. Her hands were so small they could barely hold a water bottle. Her feet so tiny she still barely fit into a size 5 shoe. Her success was no surprise as it was hard to say no to her and I soon learned she had trouble saying no to, even to me!

Anh is Vietnamese, born and raised in a small village outside Hai Phong. She grew poor and spent most of her life in Vietnam, sheltered in a way, but not innocent by any stretch. Anh had a difficult childhood, her father was not around and her mother traveled a lot so she bounced between relatives and family friends. She was always attractive and received a lot of attention from boys and men, even at an early age. She eventually made her way the US after 1996 when the country opened relations with the US. She came work at a nail salon, but had back the expense of her sponsorship. She worked a lot, she paid a lot of people which she can chronicle in a story called "Life of an Asian ." She did odd jobs, waitressing, cleaning offices, and doing manicures. She had a tough couple of years but it was then when she developed her inner desire for mature, Caucasian and black men, which she tells in "Learning to become an Asian Slut in America." American were different then the Asian men she was used to. They were hairier, they were taller, and they were larger in every way!. She was hooked. Anh felt a sense of power with them that she did not feel with Asian men who used her like property and gave her nothing in return. With American men, yes she was used, but in return she received pleasure and most importantly, she felt desired. That feeling prompted her to want more and more attention and she got it!. She is very, very pretty, with a great smile, slim with a great body and her submissive demeanor entices those around her to want her, to desire her in a very sexual way. She spoke broken English as well so her accent added to that enticement. I was like many of the other American men that came into contact with Anh, we all wanted her!

Anh was a successful pharmaceutical sales person. I had a solo practice in her district. She would call on me from time to time and would host sales presentation dinners occasionally as well. She replaced an older man that was lazy and not very personable so seeing her was certainly a breath of fresh air. She was different then all the other reps because she really made you feel special. She would say, in her accent, "I do anything for you, help you anyway I can, just ask, I try to do." Funny, she was not that outgoing, kinda passive and shy, but very smiley, very cute, and very, VERY flirtatious. I remember the first time her district manager introduced her as the new drug rep. Anh wore this short, strapless sundress with wedge heels. I remember her nipples protruding through the thin fabric, her cute toes painted yellow, matching the dress. She looked ready for a party, not work, but I was not complaining. She was a breath of fresh air. Her manager was an older gentleman, polished and assertive. He introduced Ngoc Anh and after going through the standard pitch and presentation, we all got up to leave. He then said, "call her if you need anything, she will take care of all your needs, ain't that right Annie" and then he smacked her ass. Anh giggled, clearly enjoying it, and turned and smiled "yes, please call me, I take care of you." I was left stunned, intrigued and definitely aroused. I stared at her card all night masterbaiting to Ngoc Anh Le and called her the next day.

I was single, never married, when I met Ngoc Anh. My life had been all work and although my office was small it was established. While I did not buy a whole lot, I bought everything she sold. I would call and make appointments just to see her and end up getting things I did not need. We would talk a lot, flirt and joke. I always treated her with respect and appreciation, maybe she liked that about me. I put her on a pedestal, worshiping her as opposed to the many others who saw her as a sex object for their pleasure. I would take her to lunch, and even dinner, to get to know her. We went out on my boat, I tried to impress her but it took a while before I ever made any sexual advances. I was never that type of guy, I was more prone to stay home and watch porn then go out and pick up girls. My friends were like me. See, I was friendly with a few other professionals in my field and regularly attended medical forums, functions and sales conventions with them long before meeting Ngoc Anh and still after. The few professionals I called friends were similar to me, quiet, introverted types,not players, more like undercover horn-dogs. Needless to say, Ngoc Anh was immediately the topic of every conversation. While I was courting Ngoc Anh, they were getting handjobs and blowjobs. When I first heard that my heart sank a little, but my cock twitched. I was in love with her from afar, so it was surprising to feel arousal when my friends, my colleagues, told me of how good she sucked them off or how hard they came from her. There were rumors of how she got the job, sleeping with managers, but how she became successful was now no secret, her story "Anh, the slutty drug rep" details her personal, sexual, and professional growth. She used her sexuality to her benefit and would never turn down a request. Men and women alike were drawn to her, and captivated by her. We all wanted her and would do anything to have her. She loved this power. She relished in and perfected her persona of an Asian slut.

it was at least months in the first time we discussed sexual experiences and fantasies. We were at dinner, she was looking beautiful as ever wearing a short skirt and halter top, showing her tight stomach with her long nipples sticking out as usual. We had some wine and talked, flirted, and joked as usual. She got tons of beeps on her cell, the old school walkie-talkie function, as she usually did, but focused on me. Part of me was extremely interested and aroused by her slutty ways and part of me really wanted to marry her for it. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the rumors, I don't know, but his was the first time I asked her about fantasies. I just blurted out, "Ngoc, tell me about your fantasies, what sexual fantasies do you have?" She giggled, smiled at me and with a coy look, asked "I don't know what about you, what your biggest fantasy, two girls?" My arousal was always heightened with Ngoc, but that question and this opening pushed me over the edge. I responded, " no, two guys!" Her smile got larger and the gleam in her eyes brighter. She replied, " really, you like be with two guys?" "I smiled, I did not laugh, and said "no, my fantasy is see my girlfriend with two men." Her eyes widened and the smile got even wider. She did not say a word, but reached for her phone, opened it and showed the she had gotten earlier. I was shocked, but very turned as I read, "hey baby, you free tonight, Dave and I are missing you, cum on over!" My cock was getting harder and harder as I read it, but I composed myself and ased, "who is this, your boyfriend?" She laughed and said, "no sily, just friend, you my boyfriend, right?" I almost came in my pants at that moment, then reached over to grab her hand and said, "yes, I am your boyfriend, I care for you very much, Ngoc Anh." I continued to say, I want to be your boyfriend tonight and for..." then she cut me off. She replied, "I care for you very much to, you special, let take one day at a time." She then asked, "what should I tell Kevin, you like make your fantasy come true?" I could only muster a nod of the head, off we went and we have not looked back since. I will always look back on that night, 'The First Night as a Cuckold" as what started our journey together.

The conversation, embrace and sex we had after leaving Kevin's house that night, I think, made us both realize how much we were made for one another. I could not believe how turned on I was watching others fuck Ngoc Anh, hearing them talk to her and to me during was so erotic. it was like nothing I ever experienced before. It was intoxicating, like a drug I wanted more and more and more. I also could not believe how turned on I was to kiss her afterwards. I never knew how turned on I would get to taste another man on her breath, to feel another man's cum inside her pussy. This feeling overpowered me and drove me to places I never dreamt possible. This went both ways because she enjoyed performing for me, looking into my eyes as two guys roughly double penetrated her, knowing my soft embrace was waiting afterwards. She knew I was not jealous of her desires, kinks or lifestyle. This helped her become even sluttier. I made sure she knew how much I would encourage and support her along the way because I wanted this . She was emboldened by this feeling and things escalated fantastic new heights. She used as a gauge for outfits and dates. She enjoyed sharing the details of her fun with , telling about the guys, the girls and the couples. I loved hear about her adventures, it was such a turn and she loved telling , seeing get harder and harder and then fucking while we both moaned with pleasure. She would tell about these conventions and the fun she had. which is an incredible story called "Pharmaceutical Convention Gangbang" and I would fuck her and use a dildo in her ass, while begging her for details of her fun, like the positions, the cocks, the feelings. She would tell about her manager and boss, a story called "Fucking for Success," how they were so aggressive and rough and I would tie her and call her my Asian Slut Toy. I remember hearing about the "Sales Dinner Foursome" Ngoc had with an associ Alan, and other medical colleagues. Having been a few sales dinners before I was intrigued, knowing these colleges, even more so and hearing Anh describe the big, thick cock one, I wanted see her fuck him.

I had known Alan for a while, he was seventeen years my senior. He was a big man, tall, big belly, kinda disgusting, but funny and gregarious. Picturing tiny Ngoc Anh with this huge guy, nearly two feet taller and two hundred pounds heavier was amazingly a huge turn for . I had arrange it. Anh and I had been living together for a bit and engaged for a few months when I first learned of this Sales Dinner Foursome, so of course I called Alan the very next day to find out more and entice him to do it again. In the past, I recalled him telling me about how good Ngoc Anh sucked cock and how good she was at taking cock, but he never told me about these sales dinners. Plus, when we got engaged, no one said anything to me about her, despite the fact the sexual escapades continued unabated. So, I was super excited to hear from him but had to put him at ease from the start. Only a few people were aware of my cuckold lifestyle and even though Anh continued sleeping with people during our engagement her story called "Her Life as an Engaged Asian Slut", no one knew I approved of it. So I had to alert Alan that not only was I was okay with it but that I actually like to hear about Anh's sexual encounters and liked watching them even more. Needless to say, it did not take much to convince Alan to fuck Anh again or to describe the fun thay had. Unfortunately, he could not get the same medical professionals back to recreate that foursome, he did agree to come over and consummate our marriage properly, so we planned "Fun Night with a Friend." I remember Alan's face when Anh greeted him at the door in a silk robe, cut short at her thigh, with stockings, garter and a lace bra. Lust filled his eyes and he became a in heat. It was one of the most erotic nights we had, sharing our private space, our private bed with this other man. I came twice watching Anh handle Alan's thick inch cock. She loved it, stroking it softly, kissing the tip and looking at as she deepthroated him. He would groan and tell how good my fiance sucked his cock. He pounded her calling her his Asian slut wife. Seeing his big balls her chin and bounce against her ass drove wild. Watching him grab her tiny waist and push deep inside her as he came, moaning, "take my load, Annie" was incredibly erotic. I learned watching my future wife have sex is even more exhilarating then watching my girlfriend have sex with others. We later learned that others become better sexual partners when they know you're married. Something about fucking a wife, or fucking that wife in front of her approving husband, that makes the sex better. Lucky for me, lucky for them, and lucky for her, it would not be the last night as a cuckold hubby.

Our journey has been spectacular so far. Ngoc Anh went from a poor peasant immigrant, a successful, desired drug rep. a sexy single woman, a beautiful hot wife. She is financially independent and has no worries in life, nor do I. We seek only pleasure for ourselves and for others. The people we have met and befriended along the way are all kind, wonderful souls. We cherish our life together and want to share these experiences with you, For instance, a stories about our favorite couple, the "Queen of Strap Ons" and our favorite partner "Mr. X." We so fondly recall all the fun we had while dating, like the "Trip to Brazil," the "Jacksonville Hottub," or the "Parties in Jamaica" those were memories of a lifetime that we wish were photographed or recorded. We will never forget our "Honeymoon Threesome," "The Rusisan Proposal, the trip to Dallas "Everything's Bigger in Texas", or the "Bachelor Party in Vegas." We are lucky to have those positive experiences and realize we are lucky especially in this crazy lifestyle that we know is not for everyone. Gratefully, most of the people have respected our lifestyle, understood their place in it and enjoyed the pleasure they get out of it. They know their pleasure is our pleasure. They know it is about pleasing Anh, the more she is pleased, the more you are and the happier I am! For me, seeing this tiny, petite Asian woman, embrace her sexuality is all I desire in life.
Life of an Asian
Learning to Become an Asian Slut in America
Anh, the slutty drug rep
The First Night as a Cuckold
Pharmaceautical Convention Gangbang
Fucking for Success
Sales Dinner Foursome
Life as an Engaged Asian Slut
Fucking a friend in our bed
The Queen of Strap Ons
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Fantasy gang bang
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 9:09 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2020 8:45 pm

Foreplay makes sex so much more intense. I like plan fantasy role play parties. I dress up and be the guys fantasy, which role play scene do you prefer to join ? Me dressed as your Vietnamese princess, wear traditional dress and pamper all guys, bath them and serve them? Me as your slutty Asian bride, my husband marry me off to room full of handsome men, I there to kiss you and pleasure you just as in wedding night. Me just in lingerie, wait for you, answer the door ready to please. Or maybe you like to take me in formal gown?
Vietnamese princess
Asian wife
Formal dress
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Night out as a hotwife
Posted:Mar 23, 2020 1:33 pm
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2020 11:54 am

I could tell right from the moment Mr. X picked me for dinner, just from the way he was looking at that he couldn't wait fuck . And he couldn't keep his hands off , groping and squeezing my ass as we walked into the restaurant, and grabbing a feel of my braless breasts every moment he could while we ate dinner. Just as I had planned, when he was stroking his hand my thighs, he realized that I wasn't wearing any panties, and just make certain he knew, I pulled my skirt and flashed him my bare pussy. From that moment , he couldn't stop reaching his hand under my dress and fingering my now soaked pussy, bringing his fingers his nose give them a long lingering sniff before he licked them. He even made lick my own juices from his fingers, letting enjoy my musky aroma by spreading my own pussy juices under my nostrils. After the flirting and groping and drinks--a pre-dinner cocktail plus two glasses of wine during dinner--I was feeling drunk and horny and ready get fucked by my favorite huge cock, and so I went the bathroom and texted my husband: "Going have sex in car. Can't wait." He texted back right away: "Yes of course!" When I went back the table, I gave Mr. X the eye signal that I wanted leave right at that moment and so we skipped dessert and he asked for the check immediately!

We were so horny that we couldn't even wait get out of the parking lot before we were making out and groping each other, but his car was parked close a busy street with lots of people walking by, so we drove a few blocks and found a secluded parking space. I was so horny that I would have been happy fuck even if people were walking by watching us through the car window (!) but we didn't want get arrested, so we moved. But I kept stroking his hard cock through his pants, and before he had even stopped the car I had unzipped his pants and pulled his 8" shaft out. The slit was leaking so much pre-cum that it coated the swollen tip, which I sucked right into my mouth and pushed as far down my throat as I could. He was particularly excited and used both of his hands to grab my hair and jam my head and down his enormous tool. He was pumping my head and down until I was gagging and sputtering, and the choking noises I was making seemed turn him even more. It had been so long since I had sucked his cock, and the sense of raw animal lust and danger of suffocating made even hornier. When I reached between my own legs rub myself, somehow the way that he was using my throat and giving me such a hard face fucking, as soon as I touched myself, I came. My convulsions triggered him and he thrust upwards at the same time that he pushed hard with both hands on the back of my head, driving my mouth the way down his balls--the farthest I had ever swallowed his fully erect cock. His long spurts of cum came retching back out of my throat and after he released my head I was coughing and drooling sperm and saliva over the front of my black dress.

Mr. X then threw face down the driver seat with my ass facing , getting out of the car and fucking doggy style from outside. I was amazed that he was still hard after coming, but he was definitely hornier than usual that night, attacking like a beast. His cock seemed even harder than when he was fucking my mouth and throat, and he kept ramming in and out of me like an crazed animal through another orgasm that was so strong that I blacked out for a bit, slowly coming back consciousness just before he came for a second time deep inside me.

It took me a few minutes, while he had collapsed on top of me, both of us panting, to realize that he had just cum inside me without putting on a condom. He grinned and told me I just gave you a baby. I did not have heart to tell him I cannot get pregnant, so I just said finally a real man impregnate me.
As Mr. X's cock slowly shrank and pulled out of my cunt, I could feel his sperm leak out between my hot swollen lips, a cool liquid stream trickling down my thighs. We kissed and cuddled in the car for a few more minutes before he drove me home. I appreciated how tender he was treating me, but I was also happy inside that my husband encourage and enjoy this. In fact, I sincerely felt closer to my husband as another man pulled his cock from my pussy.

When I got home, I was a mess. The front of my black dress was covered with crusted dried sperm that I had not been able to swallow. My husband knew that I had not worn any panties to dinner, and so when he lifted the bottom of my skirt, he immediately saw Mr. Xs runny sperm still dribbling from my gaping cunt down the insides of my thighs over the white streaks of already dried cum. My pussy lips were swollen and red from the hard pounding that Mr. X's huge cock had given me, and when my husband told me to spread my lips with my fingers, he said could see the mixture of my juices and Mr. X's sperm drip out. I told my husband in a submissive, demure voice that I had let Mr. X cum inside me without wearing a condom. I immediately dropped to my knees and begged for his forgiveness. That seemed to trigger a cruel anger in him, and I felt a cold rush of fear as he threw me down on the floor and began ripping the dress from my body. He slapped my ass hard, shocking a loud gasp of pain from my lungs, calling me a slut and a . The words melted me, and I grovelled for his mercy, kissing his feet as he alternated between spanking my ass and slapping my face, each stinging blow drawing tears but also a cathartic purging of my guilt.

When he unzipped his pants, I could see that he was rock hard, his cock curving his stomach and leaking clear pre-cum. I begged to suck him but he slapped my face in answer, grabbing by my hair and ordering lick his ass instead. I eagerly began lapping at his brown hole, hoping for even more degrading and humiliating tasks, anything please and placate him. When he finally was satisfied with my licking and cleaning of his asshole, he pulled my head over his straining cock and began pumping it and down, his hands grasping fistfuls of my hair just like Mr. X had in the car. Although my husband cock isn't nearly as big as Mr. X's, the violence of his anger led a much harsher face fucking. I could feel my throat burning and the bile coming as he rammed his hips into my face at the same time that he used both hands to pump my head and down his shaft. I began gag, the burning mixture of the drinks and dinner I had with Mr. X retching even as my husband continued pump in and out of my throat. I was choking and gasping for air as my throat gagged and contracted involuntarily, but he wouldn't allow catch my breath before he again plunged his cock as deep as it would go down my throat. He called a slut and a , and told that he was going keep his cock the way down so he could enjoy how my throat muscles milked his cock as I gagged. I tried desperately breathe through my nose, trying get as much oxygen as I could as his cock filled my throat.

After a few more minutes of hard face fucking, he started coming deep inside my throat, the pulsing contractions of his cock and the sperm hitting my throat triggering more convulsive gagging. Still holding my hair with his left hand like a leash, he pulled out of my throat and mouth and gave a hard swinging slap with his right hand, sending saliva and sperm flying out of my mouth. I would have fallen over except he held by my hair, jerking before giving an even harder backhanded slap that sent the opposite way, my cheeks stinging. Again he jerked by my hair and kept from falling, slapping back and forth five or times until my cheeks were numb and I was blacking out.

He derisively called me "Mr. X's slut," telling me that I needed be punished for my being such a . "Are you going have his half-white baby?" He asked harshly. He said that I was lucky have such an understanding and forgiving husband, and I eagerly nodded in agreement, sincerely believing with every bit of my soul exactly that. This was what I craved so much more than when I returned home from a night with Mr. X and seeing he greet me with kindness and weak acceptance. I have always wanted this anger from he, a sign from him that he really is jealous of my indiscretions and that he would punish and absolve me of my sins. How could he really love me if he didn't feel any anger or jealousy? This was infinitely preferable the weak cuckold that he could sometimes become when faced with my lust for other men.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I grovelled again and again, so grateful for his punishment, even as he slapped me again and again. The stinging heat of my cheeks from his blows felt like the purest redemption for my sins.

The rest of the evening he gave me a bath and washed me, cleansing me and kissing me tenderly, welcoming me back into his loving and forgiving arms. What else could I ask for as a perfect ending to a perfect evening?
My favorite thing to do!
Posted:Mar 23, 2020 1:30 pm
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2022 7:28 pm

I remember that amazing feeling of anticipation, and fear too. Every time I'm with Mr. X I always think there is no way that my tiny pussy is going to be able to take his big cock. Even after it begins to slide in, I always have this panic that it's going to hurt me (which I guess it did this time, since for the next few days I really did have cramps and pain in the area of my uterus, even a week later I still had the occasional sharp pain right where the tip of Mr. X's cock went the deepest inside me.) However, that discomfort feels good and that big cock gives me the most incredible orgasms.

When I'm riding him, I'm able to control how far down his shaft I go, and so that's why I always like to start in that position, just so I can get used to his length again (especially if we haven't fucked in awhile). If he starts on top of me, he's gentle at first but when he starts getting hornier and pumps me deep and hard, it can really hurt and I have to be at the height of horniness to "enjoy" that mix of pain and pleasure that comes when he really pounds me hard.
So I was riding Mr.X, trying to concentrate on making enough noise so that the my new husband would hear without alerting the people next door. After riding Mr. X for a few minutes (I have no idea how long it was, I was just in the moment focusing on the feeling of wet friction inside as I slid and down his shaft), we switched positions and I just spread my legs open wide and he climbed aboard. When he first begins fucking in this position, it always feels so scary and out of my control in comparison riding him because I can't control how deep and hard he thrusts. Fortunately even when he's crazy horny and full length, when the head of his cock is fat and hard, his cock is still flexible and not too sharp and hard.

What I remember enjoying the most was just feeling out of control, opening myself to him and giving in to him. Mr. X is a wonderful lover, always has been since the very first time I had sex with him. He is considerate and sweet, kissing me and sucking on my breasts and nipples in a way that shows he cares about my pleasure, but I also love the raw animal lust that he has which comes out when he really begins to fuck me.

I remember having to rest because I was almost ready to black out, maybe I wasn't breathing properly while getting fucked because I was moaning so much, or maybe too much of my blood supply had rushed to my swollen pussy lips! :lol: ops:

After I came (that sounds so lame, but it's hard to describe the feeling of coming, other than when the waves start, its like I have less and less control of my body and my brain, and when the contractions start, I just feel like I'm nothing more than a quivering orgasm squeezing and shaking on top of his hard cock. I literally have no thoughts, just the feeling of the orgasm all through me. It's not the same as being "in the moment" when trying to medit since that's more about clearing the mind and being in a moment of calm and peace, but it's like being "in the moment" when the world is exploding and chaos and waves of quivering and shaking and quaking and there is just pure pleasure. I prefer coming meditating! ops:

So after I came, I was out of breath and exhausted and tingling and warm and glowing and feeling so tender Mr. X for having given this gift, I felt my husband get onto the couch beside us. At first, I just thought he was getting closer to take close shots of licking Mr. X, but then I felt the warm head of his cock my lips, next Mr. X's, and his semi-insistent nudging of my lips with the tip of his penis. I perked with excitement, even though I was relaxing in the afterglow of my orgasm, because it really is one of my favourite fantasies be sucking multiple men at the same time and having them cum my face, one after another.

So with my hubby and lover both sliding their cocks into my open mouth, I started licking and sucking my two favorite men in the world! When I opened my eyes to look , I could see both of them looking down at , focused in their attention, and I wondered what I must have looked like with their two cocks in my mouth. They both looked like they were intently watching their favorite TV show, with my husband holding the video camera just above my face. I remember wondering if either of them felt uncomfortable having their cocks rub against each other, and I'm not sure if I felt any problem with it myself, although at that moment it felt perfectly natural.

Finally, after I'm not sure how long of me licking and sucking both of them, sometimes with both their cocks in my mouth, at other times sucking one then the other back and forth, my well endowed lover announced that he wanted cum my face. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, awaiting the anointment of my face with his wonderful manly sperm. When the warm gooey cum began shooting into my mouth and onto my face, I felt so happy and proud, knowing that he was satisfied. There was so much, spurt after spurt (!), and at first I was going to collect it in my mouth like a cup, but I had swallow some before it overflowed. Mr. X stroked in and out of my mouth a few times after he had finished coming, then he rubbed his cock over my face, spreading his cum over my cheeks and chin and then rubbing his cock my nipples. That's when my husband suddenly began kissing , almost desperately, trying lick my lover's precious seed. What a dirty pervert, I thought, laughing inside, but not in a negative, mean way, after I love that my husband is so into that, and that he loves to watch fuck another man, and even would watch another man cum my face and then lick it , how amazing is that?
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Ngoc Anh's backstory
Posted:Mar 23, 2020 1:14 pm
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So, some of you are asking for my backstory, so here goes I've been happily married for going 11 years now. I'm 34 and my husband is 44. We have no , long story. We've been more or less open in our relationship on and off since we got married, meaning I've had a quite a few flings every over the years. We started this shortly before we got married. My husband knew from the start that I enjoyed men and having sex. He encouraged me from the start and this only enhanced things for me. Once, early on, while having sex with me in a drunken state (both of us), he admitted that he found it hot when men were staring at me and obviously desiring me. That night, I drove him crazy with tales of my sexual adventures and the next morning, we laughed about it it but explained how he still found it hot, even if he wasn't drunk.

Couple months later, we we're living with one another, but I still saw other guys. He loved it and I found the sex was always better if I came home with the smell of men on me of if i had cock breathe. One time on a night out with friends I came back late. Jokingly, he said I had probably been too busy flirting to get home early when I confessed that indeed, there had been quite a lot of flirting going on in the club and that some guys were grinding me on the dancefloor. Long story short, this led to amazing sex that night. From that point on, this idea has been a constant companion in our sexlife. We got married and knew things were just going to bet better and hotter! Just about a year later, when our mindgames had gotten more and more raw and graphic, I asked him what he thought about actually making it a reality, seeing it. I still cannot quite describe what went through my head and my heart in that moment but let's just say it took him about a week to think and feel it through before he gave me the go ahead. Weeks later, once again when I was out with friends, I called him and told him that there was this guy who was hitting on me hard, and had even commented about my wedding ring. I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said I should explore things if I wanted. I just wanted to make sure he was okay with it before I did anything. I was excited and he later told me how insanely turned on he was. Again, long story short, when I came back home later,I told him everything. How we had gone to the car at the end of the night, he had followed her and once her friends had left, they had made out in the car. He had wanted to fuck me but I couldn't do that in this tiny car, which (and I think this was awesome on his part), he respected and he did not pressure me. I've been told I give amazing blow jobs, so I am sure he liked what he got I told my husband how big he was, how he grabbed my head and forced me to deep throat him. I gave him every detail about his cock, how he came, everything and he loved it! I loved it to and was even more turned on. Anyway, we had also exchanged numbers, just in case (and more on that maybe later, if anyone is interested).

So there I was, I was insanely horny, even if his emotions were in a mess. I had given him all the details. By the end of the story, we were fucking, not making love, and that was an amazing new experience for us. It did take him weeks to recover from the emotional rollercoaster, though. Still, from then on, I was game to see just what could happen next.

So that was the beginning. There were a few flings over the years and some were planned, some were not, some even happened while she was pregnant and showing, but on the whole, this has brought us closer to each other than we had ever been before and has made us so much stronger as a couple.

So what about my boss? Well, I used to be an up in coming pharmaceutical rep and he was my manager at the time. I met him before my husband and actually he sorta arranged my first foursome, but that is another story. I worked my way up and so did he, but he always kept me close. We had great chemistry and are an exceptionally good team in the company. So much so that he takes me almost everywhere with him, from conferences to meetings with and even social events the company organised. Now, for these events my husband is always invited as well, but he only went there the first time, before married, because he wanted to meet this guy. Do not get me wrong, I had told him all about us, how I thought he was hot and that we are always flirting while we are working on things, and yes, indeed, having sex. My husband noticed that there was a very flirty vibe going on between us, which he liked very much He loved the stories even more. My boss got us alone, late one evening and told some of my stories, including how he and a few other managers seduced me at a sales presentation. That night my soon to be husband watched with extreme pleasure as my boss fucked me, told him how nice his future wife's pussy is and how we all were going to enjoy life together. Anyhow, ever since that evening he has teased me about my boss, more than we had actually done before when we were playing in bed, but then, about a month after the event, I had to go to Germany to meet an important . Those meetings are often held over the weekends over in Europe, on Saturdays mostly, and we'd be leaving on a Friday and coming back on Sunday. It was a major thing, a huge deal waiting to be struck, but it was even more exciting for us because I was hoping to play with some hot European men. I don't know why but he find it extremely hot, the thought of me fucking my boss and some tall German men totally excited him. Turns out, I I did not disappoint

That Friday evening, he kept checking his phone every couple of minutes until I texted me at around 8pm that we had arrived at the hotel and that we'd been quite flirty the entire trip, especially on the plane. We went for a drink afterwards to relax but then went back to the hotel for a good night's sleep before the meeting the next day. He was soooo nervous with anticipation I loved it. For some reason it was a huge turn on to be sexually free and have the love of my life waiting to hear all about my sexual escapades. The entire Saturday, he was on edge as I purposely avoided his calls and texts. Very late in the afternoon I called him to tell him that the meeting had been a massive success and that we had struck a deal worth hundreds of thousands of euros. To celebr we were planning go out for a meal, then for drinks, maybe a club. And by they, I mean me, my boss and the two new . I kept teasing him about my outfit, sending him pictures. He still gave me an official go ahead, just in case.

Then, nothing. For hours. We had through the entire cuckold scenario many times. He watches, he is in another room, he is at bar and sees me leave, but this one was one of the most intense for us, for reasons I can't explain. He later told me how he couldn't sleep, he couldn't think of anything, he couldn't even concentrate the entire time I was gone. Hearing that has made our sex lives better, made my hot wifeing better if that makes sense. Around midnight, I call, telling him how the flirting had intensified and that they had danced and touched each one another while dancing, too much drinking, you know?... and that I really wanted to fuck them all, badly. He wanted to know how wet I was, how big they were, what they were saying to her. I told him how wet I was and how my pussy was on fire, screaming for cock. I hadn't even finished my reply when he blurted out please, yes, fuck their brains out. I hung and went completely silent until the next day. He called multiple times, texted me, nothing. Dead silent. I wanted really turn him , so I avoided contact and let him think about the possibilities of his wife, looking for sex, out with 3 horny men and willing fuck anyone could have. Sunday afternoon, at around 5. I unlocked the front door of the house, gave him a very wet kiss. I immediately noticed his hard on. I purposely did not shower so the smell of sex was on me, their cum dried on my body. My hair was messy, my lipstick had been smeared, then fixed, my eyeshadow was messed a little.... clearly, I had been very busy and wanted him see that. I had only touched myself so that others wouldn't notice too quickly.

I told him about my fun, how they had ended in his hotel room, kissing, grinding, dry humping and then had gone over the bed, where they undressed her, she undressed them, before they pleasured her pussy, she sucked their cocks and then began a session of mindless fucking that lasted two hours before they fell asleep top of each other, then woke and went at it again and again until they barely left the hotel time catch their flight. I told about that while I was sitting his cock, dry humping him, and he could feel how used my pussy was as my swollen lips were sliding and down his hard cock. I was still leaking some cum and my panties were in an unspeakable state. I made him cum right there, and then we had our own session of mindless fucking once he recovered.

We've been closer then ever since then.

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