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i am revamping my blog here and now... consider it fully under construction until further notice from the bitch upstairs (my goddess guides me, soothes me, and is careful to amuse me when i write!) for starters, after i write my blog, i notice that Baeby leaves out words, sometimes powerful words that drew the blog together abd so what i write not always consistent with what is published (need to get on about that to Baeby mind you)... and secondly, i want to dedicate my blog to my dear friend paul e. stewart, a 'one man riot' in his own words, poet, bestie and past lover because he is what propelled me into my sexuality in my mid-30's and today i am light because he is my friend. last, i want to correct all the errors, rewrite where need be. shine down your comments and words of love on me. Blessed Be
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let it be, let them be
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 12:45 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 7:01 pm

i hate people who make everything about them. you can recognize these people because they literally can't start a sentence that doesn't start with "I"!!! they never ask you how your day was... they don't care. they never apologize because they cannot own their own bullshit. because they can't own their shit everything is your fault. you can't trust their word because they may or may not be yapping out their lieing liar hole mouthes. they fight to win and always do because they don't fight fair. they gaslight you and are incapable of healthy communication. incapable of love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, honor, humility, charity, and compromise. they think a code of ethics are ingredients on a cereal box. they suck up all the energy out of a room. they snuff or blow out the light or torch you carry. they are toxic, manipulative, unwilling to admit they are what they are. they are called narcissists. if you have one in your life, discard them, for certain they will discard you. relationships with them are abusive, painful, damaging, gut wrenching, unbearable, undeniably diabolical like pure evil in human form. they are like demons, they will rip out your soul and chew it up, and then they will laugh.... because your deviation feeds them their supply. have i gone mad you ask? perhaps so. or maybe i just realized that i am done with the horror, done placating a shitty man who doesn't give fuck all about me. maybe i've had enough of it all. maybe i have finally accepted that i am too damn wonderful to be with such a person. i am whatever he says i am (to him). but to me, he is a bad story in my book of history. there is no longer any mystery. i finally see, i need to love me. tonight i walk free. let it be, let it be... there will be an answer, let it be. sorry for the rant, but i think a world of opportunity just discovered me. let it be, let it be.
Posted:Oct 22, 2021 11:09 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am

wow. it seems like i just woke up from the grave. think I slept for a couple days... i was dreaming that this little fat was holding and another girl hostage in his basement. i finally talked him into letting me go to get help, but outside his dad was sitting in the yard and said I couldn't leave... his fence has barbed wire all around and there was no way out. then I woke up. i have weird dreams all the time, many times remembering them. my boyfriend had to rush off to work and now my bestie paul is here to keep me company. paul used to be my boyfriend years ago. being his friend I remember why we broke up. but I also realize that it was stupid to let him to for jimmy. he was a better boyfriend then who I left him for. paul will tell you... once you have her there is nowhere to go from there... because I was the one that got away. still, if we are currently best friends, did I actually get away? i share everything with paul, except for sex. but I tell him about my sex life. i wonder if he secretly wants me back(?) says 's still in love with me but I just think he is lonely. i know one thing.... if he finds another girlfriend she had better be good to him. if not she'll have to answer to me. i have tried setting him up with girls but all the ones I know are sluts. he is an old fashioned romantic guy looking for a partner in life, not a cheap fling. attractive, sweet and he's a poet. go figure I went with the asshole with a gooey center! we are all our own worst enemies though are we not? we give it away and look at what we got!
Posted:Oct 12, 2021 1:16 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am

as we approach halloween (& all the inbetween) , i pick up on the crisp fall air all around (october-bound)! i love this time of year. filled with parties, candies and costumes... the day of the dead consumes (my thoughts) especially as i recently had a good friend pass away... i will remember him on oct 31st this year. i really dig costumes because the stores have all the witchy stuff, black cat stuff and ghosts galore.... best time to explore shopping. costumes are great because i like to role play all year long, as many do. you? this year i bought a firey red wig that is so sexy! my guy will love watching me give him head in it. what is your spooky fantasy? share with me? if it is they will and harms none so mote it be! the dark mother protects me. and who is your idol? hope your bewitching fucktober is full of kink, wishes for you come true, and when they arrive you will know exactly what to do. make nice & screw my fellow freaks, and carve a pumpkin for me. BOO!
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needy friend dearly
Posted:Sep 10, 2021 9:24 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am

i admit that i look for females fuck my boyfriend so i can watch. but my best friend, also male, feels that i should find him a girl be with. sure we went out for 8 years and he's totally hung . but at what point do i say i've done enough for him in that department? i don't want have sex with my friend paul, so him hooking has no bearing or my life. however he's a sweetheart and a romantic and if i could i think i would conjure him a girlfriend. still its hard find chics who want fuck my partner and i so i also think that out there i should be searching for us, not him. what do you guys think?
Posted:Sep 9, 2021 7:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am

so if i suck your cock and it isn't hard in 2 minutes... it won't be hard in 2 hours either (come on ladies can i get a HELL!?! its ok tho we understand. just no fun with a limp dick to suck. still if its my7 man i'll do it anyway as long as it feels good to him.
doll parts
Posted:Sep 9, 2021 7:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am

last night we had friends over... young, energetic friends. ally is barely 25 and marcos is all of 22. we swapped with oral sex. we were going at it for hours. i was exhausted. i mean my guy usually lasts about 10 minutes. lol. after we took them home he messaged me saying he still wanted to fuck me. but i had to take a break at least. they wore me out to be honest. although not so many years ago i used to fuck for hours, days even. guess getting older means i need to stay moving so i can get my energetic side to come back to life. but hey, i aint dead yet and my lively demeanor proves i am alive, entertaining even. i have much fuckery to spread about, and that's what its all about for me and my lovers. happy naked people holding hands, or other parts. doll parts.
rabbit hole exit now
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 7:52 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2021 4:17 am

remember the rabbit in 'alice in wonderland' who was running late and in a hurry? he sang "i'm late, i'm late... for a very important date" as he scurried past alice. he was indeed in a hurry and quite rude about it too. alice had no idea what to make of it. well that reminds me a lot of a certain thing men often do that irks me to no end. they will come over at 3 am even, late at night, but when they are ready to leave they are asshats about the entire thing. i mean all of a sudden they announce they have an early shift, an important meeting or even a at home who has to get to school. they will check their wrist as if to indicate what time it is but they are not even wearing a watch! this seems to me like a rude way to say goodbye. i understand time limitations and i certainly don't want to linger and snuggle with a hook up. but i think this is rude and so many guys do just that. i mean if a man wants or needs to leave, he can do so politely. but usually its when their pants are around their ankle and they just got off. hurry hurry what's the hurry? so what do i think is appropriate for an exit move for a man? just be honest and say you need to go. don't make excuses. don't act like we are not new friends. especially when we hung out and partied together beforehand. also, i love giving head more then most women however i am sick of the men who just want sucked then they leave. give a woman her proper due fucking and give it to her good or don't bother. well that's my take on hookups done gone over. i'm out for now. until next time, happy fucking!
hard to find a hard man
Posted:Aug 30, 2021 11:09 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2021 9:26 pm

guys say its soooo easy for women because a pussy guarantees us some dick. that may be, but its a bag of dicks out there and i am having a tough time find one to host that will fuck me properly. guys come over, they want their dicks sucked. i get that, even like it... but i want to be fucked properly too. my guy likes to watch me get dicked down and we haven't had much luck with the guys. i am a sexy mama, on the smaller side of bbw, but a guy MUST BE OK with that, show up with party favors and a hard on. there are soooo many guys to chose from that may be why its hard to find a hard man. guys want oral all the time then they scurry away as if the dawn is closing in on them.
lifestyles of the sexualized
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 9:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am

so among others there are a shit ton of swingers in the lifestyle on this site. we use these terms, sometimes loosely, but what does it mean exactly? i mean who 's to say what swinging entails? i think the answer to that question is that its personal to everyone, although commonly includes a couple... labels are easy to be slapped onto different sexual lifestyles, but again, these choices are personal to each individual or couple.

i am personally in an open relationship with my boyfriend and have been for nearly 4 years now. we practice the principle that if we play together - we stay together. and we have rules, so that boundaries are not pushed, lines are not crossed, and all is drama free and understood between us. our lifestyle choice invites new people into the bedroom but the important part is that we include one another in the free love sex.

so how does this work for us? well, the main focus is on us as a couple, experiencing these escapades to heighten the excitement factor and fondness that we hold for one another. the difference between cheating and not cheating? this may sound weird to some people but its simple... it comes down to if i invite over a guy, is this consensual for both of us? i mean to say, is he OK with it? if so he will watch, or engage me in sexually as well VS if he comes home and some guy is in his bed while he was at work and he "catches" us in the act - that is cheating. so i suppose its fair to say that you can't go around my guy to get to me, but you can go through him if you want some of this.

we have our rules, such as if one of us leaves the room, the other stops what their doing and waits for the other to return in a swing situation. its out of respect for each other that we honor this. this "open lifestyle" allows us to have variety in our sexual trysts without the awkward factor of hooking up alone with others. i've had friend ask me how i could stand to watch my guy with another woman and i don't have to think about it too terribly much because its a complete turn on for me, watching that is. i imagine this scenario when i watch porn and cum all over my toys time and time again watching ffm 3somes! some women couldn't imagine allowing their guys such a freedom. i think its a perk for both of us. and

i'm better at picking up women then he is so he leaves that to me... whatever your lifestyle is, i suggest couples have guidelines they follow to avoid hurt feelings and drama. for those single men and women who mix it up with couples, kudos to you for opening your mind. i imagine for men it opens up many opportunities with women.

well if you have any questions for me leave in the comment section and you can ask anything on this topic, and i will give you an honest straight answer. happy fucking you freaks and have a good night/morning!
Sassy Lassy
Posted:Aug 21, 2021 7:50 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am
Intelligence is not what hook up sites are known from, but you can expect pleny of dicks. well i swing from dick right into intelligence, charm, juju that wows me. not easily impressed, but very easily bored. with me you may be yourself but your unique must be hanging all out for me to see. if it doesnt exist then you cant fuck me. my come hither swagger is sure to be a tale wagger for you mutts. howl at the moon, stay up until the light of early noon. you want a girlfriend (got a room?) Lol 2 cats and i'll keep that to myself. i have facinating books on my shelf. do you? what do you have to bring besides a screw? i like men but i'm extremely selective... because i can and must be. i'd rather fancy a sexy girlfriend, to chill with me and my boyfriend. or just a friend... with great conversation, stimulating, infactuation, secuction, seduce, spellbind and read my mind. this all goes down on a sunday afternoon, no more boredom none too soon. mine is just a decirative room, but i have gems, jewels, and penetgrams that are tools to me and nothing to fools. higher thinking rules dictate your IQ be quite above room temperature. if you came here are you sure? get your ya yas on here, there's no better time dear. i could becone smittin if i found a lover who belongs to another lover (your less likely to become obsessed) play now later you rest. and give me your best. make it real or forget about it. i'm not worried shit. with age i get hotter and i dont drink so you will have to wink or do something clever if you want to see me in a bustier of leather. fuck the rain it makes for a nice backdrop... you'll put your hands on my breast, and i wont ask you to stop. but on my list the one with my full attention, gives me a tingly feeling all over, like a prolonged orgasm. if can be found online then so can my lover, soul sister or sexy brother... i dont have a type. but if you are smart then i am horny. i'll show you my world, your head will get fuzzy and you'll wonder as if you've been rolled up in pixie dust, uninhibited, untamed lust, and smoked like a joint. i dont dissapoint. do you impress a gitl.like me? give mind over to time for me and you'll be encaptured , wait you just wait and see. I am what you'll wish to be free, be me.
soulful kiss
Posted:Aug 14, 2021 5:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am
my naked body hides deep in the water for now
i knew you'd find here some way somehow

under starry skies you try but cannot resist
a moment in my embrace, my soulful kiss

my heart pounding in the moonlit gaze
your stiff with excitement in your haze

we finally are where we wanted so be
with you, you welling inside of

will we ever visit this experience again?
will it be over before it begins?

with a deep breath i take you in
you are beside yourself but then...

spiraling out into ripples of space and time
wishing i were her, and you were mine

this affair goes where most not dare
still, if you are thrilled i am still here
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bring it gentlemen
Posted:Aug 14, 2021 4:00 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 8:33 am
what is it with these men pretending be female, or pretending that they are part of a male/female couple? this is bullshit! any asshole who tries fool be in my world can just piss off. do you really think that will get you anywhere with women???? posers step off. and if all you have offer is dick, just hide and go fuck yourself. i mean i am about sex but it requires intelligent conversation get my interest get there... a little swagger, magic juju, charm, charisma, uniqueness, respect, etc. and i see a real lack of quality here anymore. if you are female you must voice verify with . yes, an actual voice call, or cam cam. not giving my number out any more fake chics that are men or "couples". if you have what it takes impress then call my text now number at (ONE4-66foutry53 and give your best honest face. i fucking dare you ! men who must lie get attention are pathetic in my opinion. be open, honest, make laugh, stimulate my intellect and senses....

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