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Busted as Mom discovered my Panty Stash  

Casey_jt8 70T
24 posts
2/11/2021 9:45 pm

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2/18/2022 1:46 pm

Busted as Mom discovered my Panty Stash

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Casey_jt8 70T
112 posts
2/18/2022 1:46 pm

I hope more of you will share your thoughts and comments with me.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
4/1/2021 1:17 am

What a good Mom indeed who was open minded and obviously had unconditional love for you.. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could return the favour..xoxo

Casey_jt8 replies on 4/3/2021 11:38 pm:
She was a very special lady. She was my confidante after this and there was much that I shared with her that you would not normally share with your MOM, but from this day forward there existed a deeper connection between us which brought me greater JOY in My Life.

phose4phose 54M
3 posts
2/12/2021 9:27 am

That must have been a thrilling experience to have that as a shared secret with your mother.

Casey_jt8 replies on 2/12/2021 5:03 pm:
Yes, it was. I would take her to her medical appointments and run errands for her. She was my confidant, through out her life. I really miss her since her passing on to paradise some 28 years ago.

ecross1961 70M
20 posts
2/12/2021 8:45 am

I been wearing panties since age 15

oldman1973 73M/37F  
617 posts
2/12/2021 12:31 am

What a good mum, guess you also started sucking cock and getting anal fucked too

Casey_jt8 70T
112 posts
2/11/2021 9:46 pm

I hope you enjoy my blog and post. Please share your comments with me.

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