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White boy...
Posted:Nov 22, 2021 6:00 am
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2022 8:3 pm

My first day after my retirement party, I wake-up feeling good. All day long I just laze around doing nothing. I decide to take a evening walk I get a little carried away and walk too far. I turn back and head for home tired as all get out. I see a young white guy I know getting out of his car, he was at my party, I was his supervisor. I say hello to him and in my mind I am thinking how to ask him for a ride. He didn't like me and I didn't like him. We chat a bit, I know he is trying to nicely get rid of me, finally I ask if he could give me a ride home. At first he is stunned, the he gets a strange look on his face as says "sure, but first come in and have a drink." I follow him in sit ar his table and he mixes me a bourbon and 7up. It was more like 5 shots and a splash of 7up I told him I couldn't drink that he said as soon as I finish it he will take me home, but, I had to finish the drink. I sipped my drink. He said no, drink it all.so I swallowed it down real fast. Now take me home, he took my glass and refilled it this time it wasn't so strong. I downed it then stood and said ok, let's go. He said sit back down and lets talk a bit,I was feeling the drink so I I sat. He told me how much he hated me and each time I ordered him to do something all he thought about was how he should pull out his cock and fuck me and show me who's the real boss. I I just stared at him wishing the drink wasn't starting to effect me because I was seeing him as a sexy hot white boy and his words were making me wet. Ok now it's time for me to go. NO! He said as he stood up from the table his pa n ts were unzipped my eyes got big this white boy had a huge uncircumcised log jutting out. You're not leaving until I give you what I have wanted for 2 years. He stood close that beautiful cock in my face. Kiss it! I'm mesmerized bending forward and opening my mouth No,I didn't say suck it . I close my lips and kiss that dick I try to touch it. He tells me No! He's between my legs squeezing my tits. Pulls me up, turns me around pulls off my shortz and panties pushes my back tells me to spread my legs. You fat black bitch this is about fucking me fucking you. I feel his thick rod going straight in me deep. Cunt, you're wet, this won't be fun for you don't you dare cum. He starts pumping away OMG each stroke is hard and deep I'm ready to cum he pulls out telling me not to get pleasure from his dick, them slams in pumping like a wild man as he cums I am in heaven his hot seed filling me he collapseson my back, "who owns this pussy... I said who owns this black pussy" I say "you" .. slut answer correctly "you do" he squeezes my tits "wrong answer" You do, Sir.. I get dressed he give me a ride home like nothing ever happened. "Goodbye, I'll call you every so often and you can come over for a drink" Yes Sir.
I was ready!
Posted:Oct 24, 2021 10:21 pm
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2022 8:3 pm

It's 10pm, I have been waiting since 7. You don't know how bad I want or rather I need a good white cock just fuck the hell out of my fat black pussy. It never works out, my cunt is dusty from lack of use. I need a white man just use my cunt as his fleshlight. For him just get up in there. No worries about , it's about him. As he fucks he can tell he xan tell he doesn't want , he's just horny and he knows my slutty black cunt will take every thing he gives because I'm a fucking black that loves his cock. OMG, I am not going lie, heaven on earth a white man showing his power... from his hands grabbing hold the power of his thrusts until he explodes deep inside my cunt bathing my womb with his hot white seed pumping every lil drop in this jizz greedy black sluts pussy. Yes I want you brand my cunt with your seed marking a your secret slut.
Casino fun.
Posted:Sep 18, 2021 8:28 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 2:03 pm

's 4:30 in the morning I'm pretty bored sitting at my favorite slot. A nice strong man stands behind me and asks how am I doing, terrible, I reply. He places his hand on my shoulder showing a $20, telling me if I double the $20 we split it and go our separate ways. However if I don't double then I have go his room so he can fill my slit. I don't know what say. He reaches across with a $20 in his fingers, he drops it, it lands on the seat right between my legs. He gets it and pulls it up slowly rubbing against my slit, his hand goes back my shoulder stopping to tweak my nipple. He says "so, is this $20 gonna get me some pussy? " I nod my head, yes. The $20 goes in the machine, I press the button with his hands still on my shoulders I feel him press into my back the machine whirls and I lose $2.00, OMG, his dick is growing stiff on my back. I continue to , never have I lost so completely. He takes my hand and leads me his room. The whole walk he's rubbing and patting my ass and talking so naughty and nice, I'm dripping wet. We step in his room he locks the door. And Mr sweet sexy guy disappears. "You fat ugly black slut I can't believe you came all the way my room for a white man dick you" I open my mouth say something he tells me shut don't say a word. He tells me put my hands on the wall he stands behind me, reaches around one tit in each hand. He grinds hard into my butt, I hope I am wrong but he cock feels way to large. Yeah that's right slut white boys can have big dick. He pulls my hips back and my hands slide down the wall. Cunt, don't let you hands come off that wall. His cock finds my opening he starts putting it in , i move away It's way too thick. Oh no you don't cunt, not is thick but, 's long . I know you're gonna love this white cock I'm going give all you balls deep. Ahhh, that whimpering shows how bad you want . Like I said if you say anything I'll puck my cock in my pants and send you out of here. Nod your head if you want this dick. I quickly nod he laughs as he sends his cock deep he holds my hips "damn thats some good black pussy you're tight as . You weren't a ! He starts moving all the Way out then all the way back in "this is now my black cunt" mine do with as I please, soon I am going cum, my seed is going all up into your cunt, will mark as mine. He yells as he cums deep "my fucking black cunt". My pussy orgasms hard milking every drop of this beautiful mans seed. I'm owned by a white man.
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Posted:Sep 13, 2021 4:43 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021 7:08 am

I have several drinks and fail to completely close my hotel room door. I stumble to the bed and fall face first in bed and slip into a deep sleep. I dream a happy dream of feeling strong masculine hands sliding up my legs then rubbing my ass then my back to my shoulder. Pulling my shoulder back and gently rubbing my tits, now a mouth on my nipple softly sucking I feel teeth so soft so nice but now it begins to hurt I pull back only it feels wonderful it hurts so good. One hand is Pulling up my skirt and squeezing mt ass between my tits and my ass I feel electric currents running straight to my pussy. I am so wet, I whimper, I hear a zipper and clothing being dropped. There is a heavy weight on my back, 2 hands reach under my chest each hand tightly holding a tit. OMG! A magnificent feeling a dick splits my wet throbbing cunt and goes in so deep it is sitting in there while the weight on me is grinding and pushing in deeper and deeper. I'm in heaven my cunt is spasing on that perfect cock milking it trying to get it deeper in. Oh fuck fuck fuck I'm orgasing from a dream fuck . As it begins to wind down the hands squeeze my tits even tighter and the weight on me starts rocking back and forth making that glorious cock go in and out at a very fast pace OMG it's starting again much more intense then the first one wow! I feel hot heat pulsing inside of me calming my over excited cunt. I can hear heavy breathing and the weight on me is shaking. I feel sood good so relaxed that I fall into a deeper dreamless sleep.
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How fun!
Posted:Sep 13, 2021 5:52 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 2:03 pm

First meet up, no talking he just throws up my skirt and gets busy. Until he relives his body of all that built up stress.
Second meet up, he goes for the tits rubbing & squeezing then nibbling and sucking. Then up goes the skirt and he gives me what I need most.
Third meet up, he's cocky now, he knows how much I really desire his perfect white coc Titsand grinding until he is rock hard, up goes the skirt his hands grab my ass cheeks tight, teases my clit, slides his cock in my pussy and acts like I'm a bitch in heat, holds my hips tight as he goes so fucking deep making me whimper. He knows I love what his beautiful white dick is doing so he goes all out giving me what I need and what he needs to give. So powerful he explodes his legs are shaking as his cock spasms and pumps every drop deep into my uterus.
Thank you, my wonderful white man. Thank you for giving me the best fuck of my life. Thank you for making me your naughty secret slut. Thank you for for allowing me the privilege of accepting your amazingly special sperm deep up in me. Thank you for marking my pussy proving your 0% ownership. Thank you for promising never to waste by masturbating instead you will use your pussy to relieve your needs.
I'm not going to lie....
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 3:31 am
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2021 4:48 pm

I married young 20 years later divorce happens, a couple of nice relationships and now I have a good life filled with family and friends. I don't desire throw a man in the mix and work at a relationship. There is only one thing that I am missing in my life, can you imagine what that is?

DICK, yes dick, soft smooth mushroom head, silky shiny skin covering a steel shaft. Beautiful wonderful glorious white cock. I dream of finding a man who will call on me often for nothing more than to give his cock a workout. Exciting for me to know we have a free and easy situation. His sweet dick stays happy and content. Why buy a fleshlight when he has a warm wet pussy he can use exactly like he would use the fleshlight. He can grunt, groan and moan, talk as nasty as he wants. Soft slow, grind or even act like a jackhammer and give it all he can. To finally crying out to the heavens as he gives his seed deep into that pussy keeping it complete and satisfied.
The difference
Posted:Jun 26, 2021 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2021 4:12 am

What is the difference between making love and fucking? Making love is sweet and sexy, you kiss and hug, nibble and suck you say "I love you " a powerful feeling between two people. You take your time and love up on each other and after an hour of tingly wonderful connection you give each other a wonderful orgasm. Then you relax and fall to sleep in each other's arms.
Fucking is fucking! Man rubs his body on hers, his dick gets rock hard she gets wet. He inserts his rock hard dick in her pussy. She feels his mastery giving it to her deep and deeper totally filling her her pussy contracts around that magnificent cock. They are like wild horses he the stud on top feverishly giving to his mare, she untamed, exalting in his preparations, to give her the ultimate gift. They both yell to the heavens as that magnificent gift pours into her, leaving him drained and her complete.
Yes, I really do want to be Fucked!
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Sorry, Did you know....
Posted:Jun 1, 2021 5:35 am
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2021 1:00 am

A mans healthy sperm can happily swim inside a woman for 3 days or so? I want find a white stranger with a very needy dick. I'm not thinking of his needs, I'm thinking about my needs. I knock your door, you reach out and grab my arm, pulling in. You direct the show plcing exactly how you want . I am bent over the back of your couch, you throw my skirt upslap my ass and check see how wet I am. You say "you really are a fucking , your pussy is dripping wet." That black cunt needs my white cock. I hear your zipper slide, you give my ass a few slaps. You slide your!you are cock back and forth I can feel how hard it is. You reach and grab the remote and turn some hot fuck movie. You say "now theres a hot slut, when I fuck you I will actually be fucking her" you put you cock head right at the entrance , I whimper, " yeah baby I know you want this big white cock. You slide it in the way in. I say nothing but, I know I'm in love with your perfect white cock. You are holding my hips so tightas you go in and out, you are talking so dirty the porn queen the tv. I feel you going faster and harder, deeper and deeper you are breathing hard its nonstop fucking. You feel amazing. I'm working so hard not to orgasm because I need to feel and enjoy every second of what you are giving . OMG you are really into it, I don't know how I'm doing it, how I am taking all that you give and loving every bit. You start stammering "Fucking good pussy, it's almost there slut, here it comes you go unbelievably deep asmy pussy wall start clinching trying to not let that wonderful cock go. You cum loud, long and hard I feel each drop of your sweet seed splashing into my uterus, I am in heaven. Your sated cock shrinks while you catch your breath. You say goodbye, and give my ass a pat out the door. I jump in my car so very happy, drive off, knowing the whole time you were fucking me in your mind you were fucking the porn star but, that's okay! I got what I needed, as I drive I slide my fingers between my legs and feel the over flow of my very special gift. My pussy is so nice and tingly, I almost had to pull over and stop but, I made it home, jumped in the bed and gave myself a wonderful orgasm. The next morning I shower and treat myself to another orgasm. All day at work I feel my tingly well used pussy, it is so erotic knowing how naughty I was and how perfect your sweet white cock was.
Stranger giving me paradise
Posted:May 11, 2021 4:09 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2021 12:08 pm

As usual I am late, the club is crowded, I can't find my friends as I squeeze through the back, just as the band starts playing I've made it to a corner with a pretty good view so I stay there. I try to take a half a step up because I have kind of intruded on a guy who was there first. The band is amazing and puts on a great show. It took me a bit to realize the guy behind me was wedged up against me. He didn't ask me to move so I staid right there enjoying the show. He put his arms around my waist just like a boyfriend would. I leaned back,his head on my shoulder. His hands roaming up to my tits, damn if my pussy began to tingle. I felt his cock big and hard in the crack of my ass. He runs his tongue up my neck and nibbles my ear. He says "is that pussy wet?" I'm nervous and don't respond. He says "no worries, I will know before the band takes a break." One hand slides down and he is rubbing my pussy through my dress. OMG he is grinding hard on my ass he bites my neck and my pussy immediately floods. He sucks hard bringing me to a leg weakening orgasm at the same time I know he has creamed his pants. We both stop moving he pulls me tight against him as he fondles my tits as he catches his breath. The band takes a break and he is gone! I go to the bar and get a drink, I find my friends table sit down and they start asking me about the mark on my neck, I play it I off with curling iron tale. One freind isn't feeling well so the other is going to take her home. Begging me to stay , her cousin James is in town and she didn't want to spoil his night also and asked if I would stay and give him a ride home, I said "sure". He was a nice guy we had a good night , all the time I was trying to find the guy that gave me such a nice public orgasm. We got in my car and drove off. He said "you like getting suck marks, let's go to your place and finish what we started. A magnificent night I will tell you about later...
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Laughlin BWC here I come!
Posted:Mar 1, 2021 12:35 am
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2021 3:06 am

I have figured it out! I'm going to Laughlin have a few drinks then find me a big cock white boy to take to my room. Since I'm more then tipsy he decides to take advantage of the situation. I sit on the bed while he fixes us a couple of drinks, he turns around and sees me laying back and thinks I'm asleep. He sits beside me depressed and talks to himself sayng "damn, my cocks all hard thinking it was gonna fuck some black cunt" I say "please don't leave I have always wanted to be fucked a good white cock" "please give it to me, breed me"
My pussy is yours enjoy it. Give me something to remember. Tomorrow when I take my long drive home, I will touch my tender pussy until I cum so good it makes all your seed that you gave so deep in me start to slide out allowing me to keep playing while I remember how good that white man gave it to me.
Yes, I'll admit it, I want to have a white mans cock in me.
Looking for that BWC
Posted:Feb 24, 2021 3:39 am
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2021 3:06 am

Yes, I'm gonna get it. Soon, I'll get a room have a few cocktails then lay down on the bed to take a nap. I think I left the door ajar, hmmm maybe not. Did I hear something... probably not. As I am sinking into my dream state I realize I am horny as fuck. I dream that my tits are being rubbed, sucked and nibbled damn it feels good I don't want to wake up. I need them sucked harder my dream compiles. He rolls me over, puts a pillow under me, my pussy is wide open his finger dances around my clit, wait that's his dick, I'm so slippery wet and so needy for his cock to enter me. What a beautiful dream he slides his cock in slow and easy please stop teasing this is my dream and in need it deep and wild. My dream chuckles and says you've always wanted a big white cock well now you're getting it my way. OMG it is big it's slowly stretching my pussy I don't think I can take it all oh fuck me. Dream boy us totally seated in my pussy now he is grinding saying how heloves a nice tight black pussy. He asks if I love being fucked by a white stranger Yes, Yes Yes. He's driving me crazy as he slowly slides his cock out and back in over and over , I plead with him for more I need more. Dream says don't worry I'm going to tear this black pussy up and with no warning he is like a piston each time going deeper and deeper. Until he lets out a loud groan and goes deeper then ever I feel his body tense and his cock pulse as he covers my insides with liquid heat. I feel his after shocks squeezing out each little drops. He collapses on me to catch his breath. His cock is soft now, he gets off me and that amazing cock pops out. I wimper and go deeper into my sleep. I wake feeling amazing thinking about that perfect dream. I touch my nipples ,they are nice and tender I reach down my clit is tingly tender I see a note it has a phone number and reads "your pussy belongs to me now" Yes I guess it does I can't wait till he gives me more.
I dream...
Posted:Jan 22, 2021 3:36 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 11:49 pm

Of a day, a typical day nothing special until I meet a strange white man. He's damn good looking and he immediately starts talking shit, the next thing I know I'm at his place. We step in I am nervous, actually shaking! He sits down and makes me stand in front of him. Now he is talking some serious shit. He casually rubs his cock, I tell him it's time for me leave. He laughs telling that he knows I'm not going anywhere, he know I want his cock. He is rude calling names like and slut. I'm scared but he's right I really do want him. He unzips his pants and pulls out the most beautiful smooth huge rock hard cock I have ever seen. Now I'm really nervous this is so wrong, what am I doing here, I tell him I'm sorry I have go. He says "No cunt, you are going get your hands an knees and take what I give you, but first step closer he pops my shirt and bra open and manhandles my tits it begins hurt Itry back away he pulls back. Now he is nibbling and sucking so very hard, OMG it hurts so good. He says "now your hands and knees cunt" He grabs my ass, spreads my cheeks saying he knew along I was a slut with a greedy pussy that needed be fucked. Then I feel it and yell out, no prelims that man went straight in hard and deep. He starts fucking like a piston each stroke hard and deep it feels like like an hour has past. He has talked nonstop dirty nasty talk of the sudden i feel his body tense he yells out loud as his cock spasms and pumps his hot seed in . He collapses breathing hard and I feel his aftershocks. He sits back in his chair and says "I own that pussy now, I will call when I need it again, now get out!"
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Free pussy
Posted:Dec 26, 2020 2:20 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2021 2:34 am

Men, Would you do a fat old black woman? Clean pussy and you just bend her over, stick your dick in and get yourself off anyway you wanted? No more then that.
Yes in a heart beat and repeat often fill her up
Yes but only once with a condom
Never not in this life
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